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Lululemon’s 10-Year Vision

Lululemon‘s goal-setting program is based on a 10-year plan and breaks down into three areas of life: health, personal, and career.

Employees begin by visualizing what their life will look like in 10 years: What will I love? What will I have accomplished? Who will surround me? From there, the goal-setting works backward: The big vision is broken down into five- and one-year goals to help make the long-term objective a reality.

Many times, people set one-year goals that are easy to visualize and within arms’ reach, like completing a 5K or getting a promotion at work. But the problem with only setting short-term goals is that they don’t contain a bigger picture. Lululemon advises goal-setters to start making little changes immediately since those can add up and end up influencing who they’re hoping to become in 10 years.


  • Supports employees to reach goals in all areas of life
  • Encourages long-term goal setting
  • Increases employee retention

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