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‘All About Me’ Exercise

Each person brings his or her uniqueness to the team when joining the company.

Celebrate individuals and recognize their unique skills, traits, and passions by encouraging each new employee to the company to develop an “All About Me” document or presentation. The goal of this document is to give each incoming team member an opportunity to highlight their uniqueness.

For an “All About Me” document, participants should create a poster or presentation about themselves. It can include their favorite inspirational quote(s), photo(s), and a short bio of a person who inspires them. This should also include a description of a skill, hobby, or passion they know the most about (outside of work).

If your company uses a specific type of personality test for employees when being onboarding, this can be included as well.


  • Introduces new employees and their whole selves to the company, department, or team
  • Implements a proactive measure to help new employees integrate into an existing tight-knit team
  • Encourages more communication and networking between employees from the onset

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