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Podium’s Ax-Throwing Lessons

It’s great when employees can hit their goals, but what about their ax target?

Word on the street is that local business communication platform, Podium, offers ax-throwing lessons that allow the team members to have some recreational fun outside the office. This Utah-based company says this is part of their “Work hard, play hard” motto.

Podium also offers aerial skiing, bobsledding, and trips to virtual reality theme parks to celebrate achieving company milestones.

Another company that has been known to offer ax-throwing is the biotech firm, Genentech.


  • Promotes a healthy work/life balance by offering something fun to do outside of the office which can also relieve stress
  • Encourages employee team bonding by giving employees something unique to experience together
  • Directly relates to the company’s motto to “work hard, play hard”

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