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Baby Stipend or Cash

Welcoming a new baby into the household is an exciting time for new families. However, with the excitement comes some stress an additional expenses. Companies can help their employees who are new parents adapt to the change by offering them a baby or family perk allowance or stipend.

An example of a company who offers “Baby Cash” is Facebook. Their Baby Cash initiative gives new mothers $4,000, offer 4 months paid maternity leave, and offer subsidized daycare. This type of initiative acknowledges the difficulties of creating and maintaining a work/life balance and in the end, can reduce stress while increasing engagement and productivity. This type of initiative may not be easy to accomplish at the level of Facebook, but providing monetary support to new parents during maternity leave and support once an employee returns to work is a way to contribute to the success of the internal community in the long run.


  • Promotes work/life balance for families
  • Increases engagement and involvement by allowing parents to get back in the game
  • Reduces stress and concerns over the perfect time to have a child

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