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Beer Cart Fridays

Congrats! You and your employees have made it through another week. There are many ways to blow off steam at the end of the work-week, and offering a beer cart is one of them.

The idea of a beer cart is one or more carts set up throughout the office and starting at a specific time people stroll through the offices with them offering people beers on Friday.

Beer carts are a fun way to offer your employees beer but without having a beer fridge or kegs which are on tap at all times.

Some ways to spruce up a beer cart include:

  • Each week have them become themed with specific drinks being offered.
  • Bring more than just beer, consider including snacks, or liven it up with a company-wide riddle, or consider taking an unofficial poll of the office.
  • Hosting a beer cart as part of a fundraising campaign. Think of it like the adult version of a bake-sale.

A company which offers beer carts is Constant Contact. For them, every Friday afternoon is marked with a beer cart run by a different department. The department makes their way through the office and stops at every desk offering bottled beers. Each floor got its own cart, and occasionally, snacks and wine were offered as well. As the company grew, the beer cart was no longer feasible, and a “stationary beer cart” is how they kept the company tradition alive. On Fridays at 4:30 PM, employees were invited to their nearest stationary spot to enjoy a beer and some snacks in the company of their coworkers, which is actually a pretty social version of beer carts. Some other companies who have done this have instituted drink tickets or have a limited number of drinks actually available.


  • Gives people a chance to relax and have a beer with their coworkers
  • Promotes team bonding and socializing amongst other teams
  • Employees feel trusted to use their own judgement

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