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Community Think Areas

VMware knows the power in changing an environment to become more innovative. That’s why they’ve developed a concept called community think areas. Community think areas are spaces in the VMware office created with the goal of sparking new ideas in informal and fun settings.
Being able to set aside space for these areas in your next office move or expansion is ideal, but you don’t need to wait until that happens to get started.

A simple way to get started is to adapt a conference room into a space that feels like a scene in nature. Being in nature has plenty of proven benefits. Some science-backed benefits include improving memory, reducing depression, increasing focus, reducing anxiety. Easily update any conference room by removing the table and including more comfortable seating with nature-like colors. Bring in air-purifying plants, update the walls by painting them or adding a mural of nature, voila — a space is transformed.


  • Improved collaboration between employees
  • More productive and happier employees
  • Increased creativity, innovation, and inspiration
  • Additional options for workspaces for employees

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