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Diversity & Inclusion Groups

A powerful way to support diversity and inclusion as a company is to develop D&I groups. Diversity and inclusion groups can be either company-led or employee-led groups of people who want to bring awareness to, discuss, and empower their company and individuals to approach D&I in a better way. Groups can be formal and have leads or presidents and plan to meet on a regular basis and organize events for the company, or they can be more informal with Slack or group chat rooms.

If you plan to set up a D&I group, it is ideal to have a purpose, an executive sponsor, goals for the club, and a way in which you’ll communicate with members.


  • More productivity and decisive teams. Diverse teams have been found to make decisions 60% faster than non-diverse teams.
  • Happier teams. According to recent research from Organizational Behavior Professor and NYT best-selling author, Adam Grant, employees only want three things from companies: career, community, and cause. Community is defined as feeling a sense of belonging.
  • Greater impact on bottom line. According to a McKinsey study, public companies with a diverse executive board have a 95% higher return on equity than those with non-diverse boards.

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