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Earned Time

Earned time refers to earned time off which is essentially time off which is accrued over time. As an employee’s years of service and tenure grow, so does their earned time off accrual.

An example of earned time off can be seen with Massachusetts General Hospital. Their employees accrue time off based on years of service and standard hours. This bank of earned time is used for holidays, illness, vacation and personal days. New, full-time employees may earn up to 29 days annually, and the accrual rate is pro-rated for part-time employees. Best of all, at Mass General, earned time is not “use it or lose it.” There are options to roll over or cash out unused time. The rate at which time is accrued begins to increase at five years of service.


  • Supports employee health and wellness
  • Allows flexible scheduling for employees
  • Increases employee retention

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