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“Embodying Values” Recognition

Company values are like a company’s operating system. They tell employees what is expected, accepted, and to be avoided.
By reinforcing the positive projects or efforts which embody the company’s values, big and small, you reinforce and strengthen the company’s core.

Tips for recognizing employees exemplifying core values:

  • Companies or departments can give awards at company meetings or announce winners on an internal wiki.
  • Managers can acknowledge a team member in a team meeting, or bring it up in their 1:1 if they prefer not-so-visible recognition.
  • Employees can recognize other employees through software designed to “Give thanks,” high-five, or give peer-to-peer bonuses.
  • Depending on your company size and how you want to acknowledge individuals, you can develop a manager-nominated award system or a peer-nominated system.
  • Lastly, for some people, the company-wide recognition is enough, but you could also provide something tangible like a company-developed award which is named after your company mascot or brandmark.


  • Promotes recognition for those who embody the company’s values
  • Reinforces and strengthens the company’s values
  • Increases employee happiness and engagement by recognizing effort

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