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Feedback App

In 2017, Salesforce launched an internal Salesforce Feedback App — an application built on their technology to modernize their approach to feedback and performance.
The Feedback App has replaced the annual performance review with ongoing, real-time, regular feedback. The Feedback App encourages employees to give and receive honest, helpful, consistent feedback from peers, direct reports, and managers across the company.

While Salesforce used a proprietary software to achieve their goal, it’s possible to develop a culture of immediate, consistent feedback without software. By adding it to company values or principles, and encouraging and rewarding the behavior from all employees – feedback will begin to happen more naturally.


  • Give employees valuable feedback to improve their performance and career growth
  • Replaces the unhelpful, once-a-year reviews with immediate feedback which has a measurable impact on employee growth
  • Creates a culture of honest feedback can help employees develop better awareness as to their performance, strengths, and weaknesses

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