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Give Your Team a Name

Sporting teams have names. Companies have names. We as people have names. While they’re primarily used for identification, they also create an identity which leads to deep connections, bonding, and accountability. Raving sports fans, diehard advocates of brands, and self-proclaimed “insert hobby name here” use these names to signify what they stand for and value.
Why should teams within a company be any different?

When Holly Stevens, an Implementation Manager at HubSpot, first became a manager she decided that it was important that she come up with a fun name for her team.

As a team, they picked a team name which has been the center of their team culture. Team Jaguar, hosts team meetings called the Jaguar Jamborees, celebrate birthdays with jaguar cupcakes, and even have laptop stickers as a group, etc. Rallying a team around a name may seem silly but it makes every individual part of the ‘in group’ which fosters trust and collaboration.


  • Fosters a feeling of connection and belonging to others on the team
  • Helps other teams easily recognize who their immediate team is
  • Beware, if overdone, this can lead to others at the company to feel left out

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