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Explore Area Restaurants Together

Food has been connecting communities for centuries and companies are no exception here. And Groups that Explore Area Restaurants is an initiative that helps employees get out of the office to break bread and bond over meals together.

These types of initiatives take some organizing but have a large, often unseen payoff. When employees leave the office, they’re able to get out of the mental state that they’re in for a large percentage of the day which can help with bonding, productivity, creativity, and it’s just fun. Additionally, as Keith Ferrazzi wrote in his popular book Never Eat Alone, “start building your network now, not just when you need it.” Whether your company is big or small, inviting new folks out to lunch can help expand your network internally and develop more meaningful relationships with colleagues.

These initiatives are often employee-led, so if there’s a local Thai spot your team loves, consider asking everyone if they want to venture out for Thai Tuesdays, or Burrito Wednesdays, or Food Court Thursdays.


  • Promotes team bonding and relationship building
  • Helps employees diversify how they spend time with each
  • Supports local business


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