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Happy Hours

Happy hours are events scheduled in the late afternoon or evening for team members to connect over drinks and light apps. Often they’re hosted outside of the office at a local restaurant or bar, but they can also be hosted in the office in the kitchen or meeting spot.

Happy hours are an excellent initiative because they can be scheduled to happen regularly, ad hoc, or developed with a purpose of celebrating a recent success like hitting a customer milestone, retention number, or diversity percentage.

Happy hours don’t have to be reserved for only company-wide events, depending on a team size, they can be organized within a department, team, or even as a way to encourage two separate teams to get to know each other.

When planning a happy hour, keep in mind that not everyone drinks and some people have family they need to get home to so starting after work might not be a reality.


  • Employees build a stronger professional network by strengthening relationships with people they already know and developing new ones.
  • Connecting with team members in a pressure-free setting encourages relationship building and bonding.

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