Corporate culture refers to the beliefs, behaviors, and rituals that, together, determine how a company’s employees and management interact. While company culture has traditionally been implied and not too much effort has gone into communicating it, with today’s tight labor market, companies are purposefully building a culture that they want to represent them and their organization to attract more candidates, and keep more employees engaged. Company or corporate culture can be communicated to employees through powerpoints such as HubSpot’s Culture Code or Netflix’s Culture deck. Lastly, while culture is often purposefully defined making much of it visible to employees, there’s also usually an opaque or invisible culture happening as well. The invisible culture is what is communicated unintentionally that impacts the culture, for example, an employee being rewarded for bad behavior, a senior manager not embodying the company’s values or a situation like a senior-level boss pulling into their covered parking space minutes after the employee walked across the parking lot in the rain.

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