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HubSpot’s Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday is an employee-led culture initiative at HubSpot designed to bring people together.

Every Wednesday a volunteer group of HubSpot employees, led by the creator of Waffle Wednesday Chris LoDolce, gather early morning to make waffle batter which employees then turn into waffles.

The volunteer group makes several types of batter including regular, protein-infused, and gluten-free so that almost everyone – regardless of their dietary restrictions can enjoy. Additionally, each week the recipes rotate between very berry, to cheddar and sage, and even holiday themed like Thanksgiving recipe. Other HubSpot employees can recommend recipes and even volunteer if they’re up to it.

What began as a small-group employee-led initiative in one part of the office transformed into a company-wide event. Waffle Wednesday creates an opportunity for employees to serve one another and put a smile on everyone’s face mid-week. It also serves as a reminder that it’s the words spoken and actions taken that make up the culture — not just great perks or benefits.

With Waffle Wednesday at HubSpot, employees are not asking what the culture can do for them, but rather asking what they can do for their culture.


  • Serves as a meeting place for people in the morning to discuss things they are working on
  • Facilitates communication about product releases as well as educational launches
  • Provides a great opportunity to meet other people in your organization and for coaching

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Sarah Bedrick

3 years ago

As a former HubSpotter, I can attest to the amazing feeling you get when you smell the waffles on Wednesday morning as they permeate the air. Everything about this initiative is top-notch – the team consistently volunteers to do this almost every single Wednesday, always has gluten-free alternatives, and they’re regularly changing it up with innovative recipes like cheddar and sage, Thanksgiving-styled waffles, and very berry waffles on Valentine’s Day. My favorite part was that they created an especially welcoming place for employees to gather and break bread together over breakfast. It was the coolest employee-led culture initiative.

Ben Becker

3 years ago

As a current HubSpotter and participant in Waffle Wednesday, I’ve had many invaluable conversations about anything and everything during my waffle. I get to interact with people from different departments who I normally would never meet.

Renee Hrabak

3 years ago

As a current HubSpotter, Waffle Wednesday is a weekly ritual to meet up with coworkers in the morning, make a fun waffle (there are always different flavors/addins/toppings), and slow down and take a minute to eat together and catch up on eachother’s lives.




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