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Idea Pitch Day

An ‘Idea Pitch’ day is a day where everyone in the company, regardless of their role or rank, are able to pitch ideas they have on how to improve the business to executives or decision-makers.

Pitch Days can be hosted once a month, a quarter, semi-annually or annually, and it’s best to pinpoint a person or two within the organization who can organize the events. If you want to make it a company-wide event, consider inviting everyone within the company to join.

Depending on the tone you want to set and the environment you want to create – you can host it during lunch or after work. Provide snacks or beers for people to consume. And if you want to focus on a specific business problem, host an Idea Pitch Day focused on a specific theme or center it around solving one major business problem.


  • Boosts innovation across your company, and with a new angle
  • Develops a funnel full of new ideas which can benefit the business
  • Enhances employee problem-solving and collaboration

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3 years ago

[…] try using your company’s internal wiki or test out the idea with something free like Idea Pitch Day […]




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