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Casper’s In-Office Naps

While some companies have begun to offer nap rooms or nap pods, the mattress company, Casper decided to follow suit and now offers employees a perk of sleeping on the job.

Casper noticed that their employees do their best work when they’re comfortable and in the zone, so they took action. Casper’s New York City headquarters allows their employees to do work while lounging on the company’s famous mattresses. Employees can even take an afternoon snooze to rest up so that they can be the best version of themselves.

In addition to offering in-office lounging, each employee receives a full bed set—mattress, sheets, and pillows—for home and they also receive discounts for friends and family.



  • Creates employees that are happier and more productive
  • Makes it so that employees get sick less often
  • Demonstrates that the company values well-rested employees and work-life balance

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