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Jam Session

Interactions received feedback that their employees wanted more direct communication opportunities with the senior management team, so they started hosting Jam Sessions every other month. A Jam Session is where 2-3 executives meet with 8-10 employees from various departments to talk about how they can add value to their stakeholders, customers, and employees. The meetings last for 1.5 to 2 hours and discuss only those three topics.

Companies like IBM and Apple have also been known to host Jam Sessions, but theirs were of a different kind. At IBM, one of their Jam Sessions included 150,000 people from 104 countries over a three-day period.

Regardless of how you host a Jam Session, the point is to help create an environment or a time where people can purposefully and thoughtfully jam on ideas.


  • Gives employees opportunities to share their ideas
  • Creates an uptick in employee engagement and communication
  • Betters the company through new initiatives

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