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“Kill the Company” Innovation Exercise

A “Kill the Company” is an exercise where employees form groups and try to poke holes in the organization, the department, or a team’s success.

Employees are given 30 minutes, told that they’re their number one competitor, and need to answer the question “How will you put yourself out of business.”

The goal is to look at the business as the number one competitor and generate an environment where participants are given total permission to focus on what is going wrong and use that mindset to develop ideas as to how to address weaknesses and move them from obstacles to innovation. This unique lens will help your team members gain clarity on the multiple perspectives of the business and can increase a sense of urgency around innovation.


  • Boosts innovation across your company
  • Creates an environment and a tone where unique ideas are generated which can benefit the business
  • Enhances employee problem-solving and collaboration

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