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Major Milestones Markers

Celebrating employees’ victories, milestones, and progress develops an emotional bond between employees, their teams, and the company across all generations. Just as a friend or a family member would congratulate and celebrate notable milestones in a person’s life, a connection develops when companies do the same.

Some significant employee work milestones worth celebrating include:

  • new team members’ first day (mark this with the “All About Me” Exercise)
  • promotions, or big wins
  • work anniversaries
  • degrees or certifications
  • team milestones or successes
  • retirement or voluntary departures

Some life milestones include:

  • birthdays
  • new home purchases
  • weddings
  • having a child

How you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you and what aligns with your culture, but some ideas to get the juices flowing are as follows: offering signed cards, sending flowers, decorating their desk, giving gifts, going out for lunch, donating to a charity on their behalf, getting stickers made, creating a video for them, offering time off, or appreciating them on an internal wiki or company meeting.


  • Allows employees to develop a bond with your company.
  • Recognizes and appreciates employee contributions
  • Sets a standard for how the company interacts with employees, and how employees can interact with one another

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