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Meditation Activities, Areas, or Rooms

When your mind is at ease, you’re more likely to excel at your job. Meditation and mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase engagement and productivity.

Mindfulness activities or areas are about providing opportunities or spaces throughout the office specifically dedicated to mindfulness and meditations.

Companies can support mindfulness by offering the following:

Christopher Lyddy, an Organizational Behavior doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management had this to say about mindfulness training, “Historically, companies have been reticent to offer mindfulness training because it was seen as something fluffy, esoteric and spiritual. But that’s changing”.

Think there’s only one type of innovation?

According to Vishen Lakiani, founder of Mindvalley and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind has been researching the types of meditation and believes there are seven. They are:

  1. Creative Visualization: Commonly used to visualize goals and scientifically validated for performance improvements in sports.
  2. Directed Healing: Can be used for energy work. Doctors sometimes call this ‘imagery therapy’.
  3. Intuitive Meditation: For tapping into intuition/inspiration. This is often about entering theta levels of mind and drifting off into semi-sleep to access intuitive thoughts.
  4. Shadow Work: For healing past issues, forgiveness, and inner-conflicts.
  5. Connection Meditation: For a connection between two or more people, in compassion or for connection to a higher power (unification).
  6. Re-Programming: Used for programming past beliefs or breaking undated behaviors. Many personal growth meditations fall here.
  7. Passive Meditation: Breathwork or focused breathing. Clearing the mind. More hermetic and eastern practices.

One company which places a strong emphasis on mindfulness is Salesforce. Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, is an avid supporter of mindfulness and implemented an initiative of installing mindfulness zones in the Salesforce offices so that employees would have a quiet space to meditate and clear their heads.


  • Promotes innovation and supports creativity
  • Supports mental health and wellness
  • Improves engagement and productivity

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