The most popular company culture initiatives, right now.

HubSpot's Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday is an employee-led culture initiative at HubSpot designed to bring people together.

'Kill the Company' Innovation Exercise

A free exercise where employees form groups and try to poke holes in the organization, department, or a team’s success.

“Embodying Values” Recognition

Company values are like a company’s operating system. They tell employees what is expected, accepted, and to be avoided.

Fritz's Coffee with Customers

Remaining close to the customer is an often discussed, critical element of being successful in business today.

Cisco's Time Swap

The Time Swap program allows employees to swap 20% of your job with someone else.

HubSpot's Give your Team a Name

Sporting teams have names. Companies have names. We as people have names. While they’re primarily used for identification, they also create an identity which leads to deep connections, bonding, and accountability.

Major Milestones Markers

Just as a friend or a family member would congratulate and celebrate notable milestones in a person’s life, a connection develops when companies do the same.

Idea Pitch Day

An ‘Idea Pitch’ day is a day where everyone in the company, regardless of their role or rank, are able to pitch ideas they have on how to improve the business to executives or decision-makers.

Transportation Stipend

Getting to work costs your employees money, time, and energy. Provide them with a stipend to help them make traveling to and from a bit easier on the wallet.