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Diversity & Inclusion Groups

A powerful way to support diversity and inclusion as a company is to develop D&I groups.

'All About Me' Exercise

Celebrate individuals and recognize their unique skills, traits, and passions by encouraging each new employee to the company to develop an “All about me” document.

“Embodying Values” Recognition

Company values are like a company’s operating system. They tell employees what is expected, accepted, and to be avoided.

Major Milestones Markers

Just as a friend or a family member would congratulate and celebrate notable milestones in a person’s life, a connection develops when companies do the same.

Office Walking Groups

Office walking groups are pretty self-explanatory – they’re groups of people from the office who walk together at pre-determined times.

Cisco's Stretch Assignment

A Stretch Assignment enables employees to work for teams outside their own for a few hours each week to learn something new and develop their careers further.

BAYADA Hero Program

The Hero Program is a program which recognizes employees for doing exceptional work.

Mindfulness Activities & Areas

Mindfulness activities or areas are about providing opportunities or spaces throughout the office specifically dedicated to mindfulness and meditations.

Lululemon's 10 Year Vision

Lululemon‘s goal-setting program is based on a 10-year plan and breaks down into three areas of life: health, personal, and career.

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