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Office Olympics

Also sometimes referred to as an office or team flag day, hosting a company-wide Olympics event is a creative and active way to bring the company together.
Not all Olympics events are created equal. However, consider starting each one off with an opening ceremony and closing each one off with an awards ceremony. Both of these will set the tone for the day ahead and whether it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, or competitive and cut-throat.

Below are some ideas for potential events to include:
– Relay
– Steady egg relay
– Three-legged relay
– Capture the flag
– Dodgeball
– Tug of war
– Riddles/puzzles to solve as a team
– Paper airplane toss
– Cornhole
– Rubberband archery
– Life size Jenga
– Life size tic tac toe
– Video games like Mario Cart
– Flip Cup
– Ping Pong
– Connect 4

To ensure this event run smoothly, be sure to have a few people dedicated to organizing, a clear way to score, referring on the day-of in case any disputes arise, and determine team captains ahead of time.


  • Coworkers work together outside of the office in a fun environment
  • Fun, team-building exercise
  • Strengthen already existing bonds between coworkers and develop new ones

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