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Office Walking Groups

Office walking groups are pretty self-explanatory – they’re groups of people from the office who walk together at pre-determined times.

Whether your company is large or small, office walking groups are a free and easy initiative to develop, and they also scale well.

To get started, it’s simple. Pick the details such as meeting point, the walk distance, length in time and at what time and how often you’ll meet. Lunchtime and early afternoon are great both great times to get outdoors and get the body moving. The afternoon walk might even prevent people from needing their second cup of coffee.

Once the details are finalized, for smaller size companies, send an invite to the team, department, or company. In the invite, mention that the walk is optional and that all are welcome. If your company is too large for this, post the information on the wiki and as people show interest – send them an invitation. Lastly, you could also start this grassroots style and invite a few people and slowly over time invite more people to join. While the last option isn’t as inclusive as the other two, it is a way to get some momentum before making it open to the entire company.


  • Supports a healthy lifestyle and allows for walking meetings
  • Increases employee sense of community
  • Encourages fun in the office

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