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Personal Assistant

Personal assistants or virtual assistants are services which provide tremendous value by saving people time and energy on low priority tasks which can be outsourced to another individual or a computer system. As technology continues to develop, more virtual assistant programs such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home are popping up and helping people to achieve more in less time.

One company which offers a personal assistant is Boston Scientific. Employees call a Personal Assistant program when they have questions pertaining to work/life balance. For example, if an employee is planning a wedding or has a question about planning a vacation or finding child care, they don’t need to invest time researching answers or help. Instead, they can ask the personal assistant to help. This practice promotes work/life balance and increases employee engagement and productivity since it allows their energy to be redirected to higher value activities.


  • Promotes healthy work/life balances
  • Increases productivity for time spent in the office
  • Reduces stress and allows for a hassle-free environment

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