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Personal Concierge Services

A personal concierge, also known as errand-running services, is a third party service that is hired by the organization to support employees in their everyday needs.

Some examples of tasks that a personal concierge service will do are; booking a table at a restaurant, arranging a housekeeper, organizing trades and services, arranging events, through to arranging a relocation.

Because employees often are distracted by personal needs like filling a prescription, scheduling an oil change, or grocery shopping for an elder family member, a personal concierge develops an in-depth knowledge of clients needs and becomes an integral part of their lifestyle. Instead of spending time and energy on low-value activities, a concierge can be a low-cost alternative that helps employees spend their time more purposefully.


  • Helps to reduce stress cultivated by the overwhelming demands on employees
  • Allows employees to outsource tasks which are not of value to them
  • Shows employees that their company values their time

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