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Positive Mental Acts by Wild We Wander

Positive Mental Acts (PMA) is lifestyle-brand Wild We Wander‘s good vibes project.

Their Positive Mental Acts initiative represents the belief that anyone can make a difference, and it is their goal to be the spark that helps that happen. As part of their project, they sell PMA stickers and 100% of proceeds go to funding people or opportunities in need.

An example of how Wild We Wander creates a culture of giving with positive mental acts is by contributing to others. In July all proceeds of their PMA stickers went to ActBlue’s Support Kids at the Border Fund.

Get your sticker and help your company, department, or team spark #positivementalacts.

Other companies who focus on social impact include eyeglass giant Warby Parker’s buy-one give-one eyeglass project or Tom’s one-for-one shoe project. Collaborate with other companies and the positivity they’re bringing to the world or develop your own company’s project for social good.


  • Spreads positivity in the workplace
  • Inspires employees to give back and contribute to others in need
  • Emphasizes your company’s desire to contribute to a mission or purpose more significant than yourself

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