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Sabbatical Program

A sabbatical is a term used for a paid or unpaid predetermined amount of time for an employee to take leave. When their sabbatical period is over, they return back to their job.

While sabbaticals are growing in popularity, it is said that only 4% of employers offer a paid program in 2016 and while 12% offered an unpaid program.

Fast Enterprise, a software and information technology consulting company with over 5,000 employees, offers a FAST Pause Sabbatical program. Every four years of their service at FAST, employees are rewarded with a four-week paid break. The purpose of the Pause is for employees to refresh and give back. FAST employees can also take this opportunity to pursue their passions.

Quiktrip, Salesforce, Nordstrom, Paypal, Nike, McDonald’s, MeetUp, HubSpot and Drift are just a few of the companies that offer sabbatical programs.


  • Benefits employees’ mental health
  • Rewards employees for continued service
  • Supports high employee retention

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