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AT&T’s The Innovation Pipeline

The Innovation Pipeline (TIP) is an online crowd-sourcing platform that enables AT&T employees to submit, vote, and discuss new ideas to drive innovation.

Ideas submitted are refined through real-time feedback from peers with the best rising to the top. The top ideas are pitched to “Angel Investors” AKA the AT&T executives who act as venture capitalists- to determine what to fund. Ideas are developed into working prototypes and then placed within an AT&T business unit or launched into the hands of the customers.

Since its establishment back in 2009, TIP has proactively engaged more than 130,000 active members from all 50 states and 54 countries. They received over 25,000 ideas and more than $44 million in seed funding has been allocated to develop TIP ideas, resulting in many notable AT&T products including NumberSync, AT&T DriveMode, and SmartMic.

Can’t currently afford an investment in buying or building a crowd-sourcing platform, try using your company’s internal wiki or test out the idea with something free like Idea Pitch Day instead.


  • Supports employee collaboration
  • Encourages creative problem solving
  • Allows for diversity and inclusion of all employees

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