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Writing Customer Letters

Never underestimate the power of a hand-written note. Writing a letter to a customer is a thoughtful way to develop a deeper relationship while adding a delightful personal touch.

Writing customers notes can be done one-off settings by individual employees or in a team meeting when there is an appropriate moment. Big milestones in their journey as a customer, receiving their support on a call, exercising patience with a bug/product issue, or achieving a career or personal-life milestone are all great reasons to reach out.

When sending notes to customers, see if there’s anyone else that should write a note or sign the card. Also, if you have company stickers or swag that might slide into the envelope, include that too.


  • Develops more meaningful connections with customers
  • Adds new touch-points and opportunities to connect with customers in nontraditional ways
  • Expresses thanks and gratitude is good for the brain because it guides the focus on appreciation

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